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Beware of scammers!

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Warning: Beware of the Green Dot Money Pak Scam

Fraud used to be targeted at the credit card and traditional banking industries. Now, however, fraudsters are starting to expand their operations into prepaid cards. In fact, prepaid card fraud through Green Dot MoneyPaks is becoming very common, as it’s one of the hardest types of fraud to trace. What’s the background behind this scam, […]

Checks and prepaid cards both have pros and cons.

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Prepaid Cards vs. Checking Accounts: The Pros and Cons

The 2008 CFSI Underbanked Consumer Study showed that about 62% of underbanked consumers would prefer a checking account over a prepaid card. While checking accounts are often still more popular than prepaid cards, that’s starting to change. A 2013 study of prepaid cards shows that they’re the fastest-growing way to pay for purchases online and off. […]

Justin Bieber Prepaid Card–The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In early April 2013, teen pop phenom Justin Bieber launched a YouTube video supporting the prepaid card company SpendSmart. The company produces a prepaid card that’s set up just for teens and their parents. Justin Bieber isn’t on the card anywhere, if that’s what you’re wondering. Instead, he’s acting as a brand  ambassador. And since […]

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Small fees on prepaid cards can add up!

Bankrate Survey Shows Prepaid Debit Card Fees Vary Widely

Prepaid cards can be great for many different reasons, but you definitely need to watch out for fees associated with these cards. Many cards that look great on the surface can actually cost a small fortune to use, and according to a Bankrate’s 2013 Prepaid Debit Cards Survey, these fees can vary widely. Luckily, we’re […]

Wells Fargo Prepaid Visa

Wells Fargo Prepaid Card Review

The reloadable Wells Fargo Visa Prepaid Card is a convenient alternative to carrying cash, since it offers credit-card-like protection of your funds, but also limits your spending to what you’ve put on the card. This card offers relatively low fees, particularly for those who already have a Wells Fargo Credit Card. This card offers: The […]

Recent Reviews


Bluebird by American Express and Walmart

There has been an interesting move to create what I call non-traditional banking products.  These products are not prepaid cards, but they are also not what you think of as a traditional checking account.  A good example of this is a banking product that Walmart and American Express have teamed up to offer .  Called […]

Magic Prepaid Card

MAGIC Prepaid Mastercard® Review

A celebrity endorsement of a prepaid card is nothing new. Everyone from the Kardashian sisters to financial guru Suze Orman have put their names to debit cards. While I try not to be surprised by new entrants, I must confess that I didn’t see this one coming. Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. has entered the fray […]

Chase Liquid

Chase Liquid Prepaid Card Review

The Chase Liquid prepaid card represents a new direction for the industry. Unlike other prepaid options, the Chase Liquid card is associate with a major financial institution. As a result, cardholders can add or withdrawal cash from the card for free at any Chase branch or ATM. Coupled with relatively low fees, the Chase Liquid […]

KAIKU Black Card

KAIKU Visa Prepaid Card

The KAIKU Visa Prepaid Card is one of the lowest cost cards available. The card offers free direct deposit, free in-network ATMs, free card-to-card transfers, free activation, and no fee transactions. $0 Activation Fee Access over 50,000 Allpoint ATM’s Low monthly fee of just $1.95 No Transaction fees on US purchases Customer Service, Direct Deposit, […]


Union Plus Prepaid Card Review

The Union Plus Prepaid Debit Card comes in both a Visa and MasterCard and this card it often associated with Credit Unions. Many credit unions offer this card to their members so they have a prepaid option. The cards can be used anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Just like with any prepaid card there […]