5 Prepaid Cards That Offer Free Mobile Alerts

The ability to get your prepaid card account information from your cell phone is a very convenient service. There are several cards that now offer this to their cardmembers. If usually just requires you to send a text message and in return you can get your account information. This allows you to always know your account balance and because you can do this from your phone you can always be up to date on your account status. Keep in mind when using this service you still will be held to the agreement you have with your cell phone carrier when it comes to how your charged for using your text messages. The five cards below all offer free text message alerts to their cardmembers, this means the card company does not charge you a fee for using this service.

The Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa Card offers cardmembers a variety of free services such as mobile alerts, online account access, bill pay and free direct deposit. In addition, the card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and there is no credit check, income requirements or bank account required to be accepted for the card. You can easily add cash to the Wired Plastic Card at over 25,000 retailers nationwide. This card even offers members a rewards program that allows you to cash in your earned points for cellular airtime from popular cell phone service providers.

The Mango Money Prepaid MasterCard offers members the ability to manage your account with your mobile phone. This means you can check your account balance right from your phone and this is free of charge. You can also send money via your cell phone. The card also offer free direct deposit, free signature transactions, and no monthly fee when you load $500 a month to the card. With this card you don’t have to have good credit to be approved, you also do not need a bank account and there are never overdraft fees.

The YAP MasterCard Prepaid Card allows you to send and receive money right from you cell phone, as well as, managing your account from your phone. You can check your account balance with a text message and this service is free of charge. The card also offers free direct deposit and free signature transactions. This card also waives the monthly fee for members when they load $500 to the card each month. There is no activation fee and the first monthly fee is waived for new members.

The BabyPhat Visa Card allows members to receive free text alerts about their account and check their account balance via text message. The card offers free direct deposit, free live customer service, and free money management tools. You can pay your bills online with this card and shop online as well as anywhere Visa debit is accepted. There is no credit check for obtaining this card and ti doesn’t matter if you have good or bad credit you can be approved for this card.

TheBlack Diamond Rush Visa Card offers several free features you get for just being a card member, include free text alerts and the ability to check your account balance from your cell phone. Also, att anytime card holders can view their online account for free. Your online account gives you access to your card statement, balance information, or account history whenever you want. At anytime you can use the online money tool which helps with budgeting and account management.