ACE Elite Prepaid Visa

ACE Elite Prepaid Visa

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On May 19, 2011
Last modified:February 18, 2014


Direct deposit of tax refund, no credit check, and low fees.

The ACE Elite™ Visa® Prepaid Card is a prepaid card that allows you to deposit funds onto the card and the use the card anywhere Visa debit is accepted. The account balance is based on the amount of money you deposit to the account. Once you spend the money then you can’t use the card until you add more money to the account. This keeps you from over drafting the account and allows you to avoid costly overdraft fees. Since this card is not a line of credit you will not be charged interest. Here’s a summary of what the card offers:

  • Enroll in direct deposit today - receive your account number immediately.
  • Need your money before payday? Get paid up to 2 days faster with direct deposit.*
  • Withdraw up to $300 with no fee daily at ACE Cash Express locations with direct deposit.*
  • Mobile account access - available on GooglePlay and Apple App Store.
  • Transfer money to another ACE Elite cardholder with no fee.*
  • Always know your balance - by mobile app, email, or text message. Standard data rates apply.*
  • Earn up to 5% APY while you save in an optional savings account.*
  • Earn cash back on your everyday purchases through Payback rewards - get Special Offers and account credits when you use them.*

The Ace Prepaid Visa card offers users a variety of benefits. Adding money to the card is easy and there are several ways to do so. You can use the card to make purchases just about everywhere, even online. You can pay bills with the card or you can make ATM withdraws. When you apply for the card you get to choose one of four card designs. Using a this prepaid card is safe and all your funds are protected because they are FDIC insured.

Adding Funds to the Card

Loading funds to the card is easy and you have several options. Direct deposit is free, convenient and offers many benefits. You can have your paycheck electronically deposited to the account instead of having to receive a paper check. You can also have most government checks directly deposited to the account as well. When you use direct deposit and have $500 or more deposited each month then the monthly fee is only $5. You always have the option of adding cash to the card by going to anyone of the authorized locations. At anytime you can transfer funds to the card by going to the online account and clicking the transfer funds option.

Ace Card Fees

This card is a prepaid card which means you will not be charged interest and you can’t over draft the account, but there are still fees you should be aware of. To see a complete list of fees you should review the terms and conditions of the card. Below are a list of some of the fees you should consider.

Monthly Service Fee$9.95 or $5 with $500 in direct deposit per month
Signature Purchase Fee$1.00
PIN Purchase Fee$2.00
Adding FundsBased on the location
Domestic ATM Cash WithdrawalsUp to $2.50 per withdrawal, plus ATM owner fees, if any
Direct DepositFree
Card Fulfillment Fee$9.95

How To Apply

Applying for the ACE Elite™ Visa® Prepaid Card is easy and it can be done right online. You have to provide your name, address, phone number, and social security number. Due to newly adopted government regulations, all customers are also required to provide their date of birth and one form of government ID to activate a card. All U.S. citizens must provide their Social Security Number as the form of government ID. Non-U.S. citizens can provide an alternative form of ID, such as a Driver’s License, Passport, Alien Registration.



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      Roshell, there should be a telephone number on the back of the card for customer service. Just give them a call and they should be able to walk you through the process.