Control Prepaid MasterCard® Review

NetSpend is a popular prepaid card company that has partnered with BET to create the Control Prepaid MasterCard®. The Control Prepaid MasterCard® allows you to add money to the card and then spend the amount you added. You can pay bills, shop online and make purchases anywhere MasterCard debit is accepted. With this card there are no overdraft fees, no credit check and no activation fee. Here are some of the card features:

  • Experience life in Control – with a simple fee plan
  • No credit check, application or activation fee
  • No overdraft fees
  • Access to over 35,000 no-surcharge ATMs nationwide
  • Earn Cash Back Rewards
  • Free Direct Deposit, and get your tax refunds faster when you eFile.

Adding Money

You have a few options for adding money to your card. You can sign up for direct deposit, load cash or do a transfer. Below you will find details about each :

Direct Deposit: This is the easier way to add funds to your card. You can have you paycheck, government funded check or even your income tax return automatically deposited to your prepaid card account. There is no charge for this and your money is always deposited on time. After you direct deposit at least $500 into your account during one month you’ll qualify for an automatic upgrade to our $5 per month Discounted Fee Plan. (See Card Fees for details)

Load Cash: You always have the option to visit one of the NetSpend Reload Network locations and load cash to your card. There are over 100,000 locations nationwide. To find a location near you visit the Control Prepaid MasterCard® site. There is a fee for this service.

Bank Transfers: You can make a transfer to your prepaid card from an existing bank account. There is a fee depending on the type of transfer you make.

Card To Card Transfers: You can transfers funds from card to card at any time. This just requires a friend or family member to have the same card and then you can transfer funds from your online account. There is no charge for this.

Cash Rewards

Most prepaid cards don’t have a rewards program, but we are seeing more and more cards offering rewards. This card is one of them. Cardmembers can earn cash back rewards based on their purchases. You will be given the opportunity to accept rewards to your favorite restaurants and stores based on your purchase history. You are notified about the reward and then you have to log into your account and accept the reward.

Additional Control Prepaid MasterCard® Benefits

The Control Prepaid MasterCard® offers members a variety of other cool benefits which are listed below.

  • Financial Management Tools: When you have an account you will have access to special tools that help you manage your money. You can set up a budget, monitor your account activity and even add money to an option savings account.
  • Account Alerts: You can elect to receive account alerts so you always know where you are with your account. You will receive a text message alert where you can see your balance and account activity.
  • Prescription Discounts: You can save up to 55% off the cost of your prescription medicine. You will have access to a discount card once you become a card holder.
  • $10 Purchase Cushion: You will have a “Purchase Cushion” which means the card company will cover and authorize purchases that will put you $10 over your card balance. They won’t charge extra fees for this, but they will deduct the amount owed after you make your next deposit.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment: You have the option to get Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance if you choose.
  • Savings Account: An option savings account is offer for those that choose. The account pays 5% APY and there are no fees or minimum balances required.
  • Customer Card: You can design your own card by adding your favorite picture or logo.

Card Fees

All prepaid cards have fees and you should always be aware of which fees you will be charged. You can avoid some fees based on how you use the card, but others are unavoidable. Check out the tables below for the card fees:

Apply for the Control Prepaid MasterCard®

You can easily apply for the card by completing an online application. There are no credit requirements so anyone 18 years or older is welcome to apply. To get started we have provided you the link below.