How Green Dot Money Paks Work

Have you ever wondered how you add cash to a prepaid card? It’s a question we get a lot. Fortunately, with Green Dot’s MoneyPak (, there is an easy and inexpensive way to add money to a prepaid card. In fact, with a MoneyPak, you can also send funds to a PayPal account or make same day payments to a company. In this review, we’ll walk through how to use MoneyPak and the features it offers. (Note: While the Green Dot prepaid card is a top rated low fee card, MoneyPak can be used to load just about any prepaid card, not just Green Dot.)

Money PakTo get started, all you do is to visit one of the 50,000 plus locations nationwide that sell the Green Dot Money Pak. Such locations include: WalMart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, KMart, 7 Eleven, Kroger, Meijer, Ralph’s and Winn Dixie. At one of these locations, just purchase a Money Pak card, which should be located in the Prepaid Product Section or Green Dot Display and load it with cash. The only acceptable form of payment is cash, anything else will not be accepted. It cost $4.95 or less to buy the Money Pak card plus the amount you want to load onto the MoneyPak card. For example, if you want to load the card with $150, it will cost you $154.95 (or less based on the cost of the MoneyPak).

Reloading Your Prepaid Card with MoneyPak

You can reload most prepaid cards through the Green Dot MoneyPak, but be sure to check with your prepaid company first just to make sure. Some prepaid companies set limits and restrictions on how much can be added to the prepaid card, so you should find this information out first too. From there all you do is visit or call 1-800- Greendot and select the “To Reload” your “PrePaid Card” option. You will enter your prepaid card number and then your Money Pak number. Once your reload is complete, the money will be available on your prepaid card right away. If you want to verify that the reload was successful, you can call the customer service number on the back of your prepaid card.

Same Day Payments with MoneyPak

MoneyPak can also be used for same day payments. It works for both online payment or payments by phone at anytime. You should check ahead of time and make sure the company you’re making a payment to accepts payments from MoneyPak. Making a payment is easy and there are no forms to fill out. All you do is visit, find the company you want to make the payment to, and follow the instructions to complete your payment. You can pay service providers such as phone, satellite TV, credit cards, and more. If you would like to verify your payments were received, you can call your company’s customer service department and verify they received the payment.

Adding Funds To PayPal with MoneyPak

There are essentially two easy steps to adding funds to your PalPal account from your MoneyPak card. First log into and click add funds “from a Green Dot MoneyPak” option. Enter your MoneyPak card number to transfer funds to your PayPal account and the funds will be available immediately. When adding money to your PayPal account via MoneyPak, your starting limit is $250 a year. You can fund up to $2,000 a month by providing your name, address, date of birth and social security number. Green Dot will collect, verify and record this information on behalf of PayPal. This information WILL NOT be used for a credit check or marketing purposes.

It’s Just Like Cash

Your MoneyPak Number works just like cash, so keep it safe just like you would cash. Transactions cannot be reversed, so only give the number to a trusted recipient. If the MoneyPak is lost, there is no way for it to be traced or for you to recover the money. Here are some helpful tips to better protect you from fraud.

  • MoneyPark should ONLY be used to reload your prepaid cards or accounts you control.
  • Beware of deals or opportunities that seem too good to be true.
  • Beware of any offers that do not accept credit card payments and asks for you to purchase a MoneyPak and provide the MoneyPak Number in an email or over the phone.
  • When using MoneyPak with PayPal for eBay or other online merchants, transfer the money to your PayPal account first before paying the merchant. DO NOT email the MoneyPak Number directly to the merchant.
  • Never use a MoneyPak to pay for taxes or fees on foreign lottery winnings, grants, or any offer that requires you to pay first before getting something back.

Finally, here is a short video showing how to load a prepaid Visa card or prepaid MasterCard with MoneyPak:

  • charlene lhenry

    how do i check the balance on my card ?

    • Aaron

      charlene, you can either log into your Green Dot account or call the number on the back of your card.

  • Barbara Murphy

    I am disappointed with the wal mart visa debit we paid for 2 cards but when we went to load the card they told us to buy green dot card, it was 4.95 when we already brought the walmart card 2 cards for 6.95 and single card for 3.00 $ I think this is a scam to get more money from people I hope this card works for my bills,

    • Aaron

      Barbara, Walmart’s prepaid card program is run by Green Dot, but I’m surprised to hear that they wanted you to buy new Green Dot cards. If you are looking for cards with no activation fees, I’d recommend either the Mango MasterCard or the Yap MasterCard. I just got the Mango card online. The application took about 3 minutes; it was very easy and no fees.

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  • Brett

    Hey, greattt info here, needless to say, i wanted to put $400 on paypal, and i dont have any type of credit card, im 17 (shh) so needless to say, my parents are very cautious about credit theft so i can’t use theirs. So i want to buy one of the moneypaks, buttt i was wondering, can i buy 2 cards and put $200 on each to avoid the process of approval. and just transfer both to paypal? secondly, is there any fees monthly, or for activation, or anything like the prepaid card have, or is it just the one time 4.95.?

    • Anayomous


      Replying to your question. If you bought the cards and activated them you do not need to provide your SSN because you don’t want a reloadable one you only want a “gift” card.


  • Chris

    I would like to know how to get my money back out of this moneypak card? I bought it it for something, now I have decided not to.

    • Aaron

      Chris, you can request a refund. Money Pak pays refunds by check. You can find the refund request page here.

  • James


    I got a moneypak card and put 20 bucks on it but when i went home to put the money in my paypal account my computer told me i couldnt go there because of security reasons. I was wondering if i could use the moneypak card and number to put money in my paypal account over the phone. I have no bank card and dont use them over the internet because ive had mine lifted before.

    I can access paypal simply not moneypak i have NEVER had this problem with any other site.

    • Aaron

      James, you should be able to transfer the money from the Money Pak to PayPal through On the home page is a link to transfer money to paypal.

      • James

        Thats the problem. I cant GET to the moneypak homepage.

        • Aaron

          James, not sure why you can’t get to the homepage. I have no problem bringing the page up. As an alternative, log in to paypal and select Add Funds from the menu. A drop down menu appears and the last option is Add Funds from Money Pak.

  • John

    Can I put money into a Moneypak card and add it to my daughters paypal?
    Shes 16 and she may want more then $250 a year spending limit.
    So can I verify to a $2000 a month limit, with my information?

    • Aaron

      John, you can certainly use a Money Pak to add funds to PayPal. As for the spending limit, I don’t know if PayPal will allow this or not. You can always try to verify the account with your credit card, of course, or contact PayPal to find out.

  • Buddy v

    So i just got a Walmart visa card and my parents live outta I understand the moneypac thing they can buy but do they have to buy a money PAC thing every time they wanna add money or is it a one time purchase?

  • Catherine

    Is MoneyPak reusable? Can I put more money on it and use it again or would I have to get a whole new card?

  • Quin

    If buy a money pack for my paypal and want to add more then the 250.00. How long does it take for greendot to verify you info so that you will be able to add more the the 250.00 a year?

    • Aaron

      Quin, neither MoneyPak or PayPal answer this question. But from my experience applying for the Green Dot prepaid card, they were able to verify my information instantly.

  • sam

    hey, can u use the green dot pre-paid card like a gift card for one time use?

    • Aaron

      Sam, you can, but remember that the Green Dot card is really designed to be a reloadable card. So if you do use it just once, I’d cancel it when you are done to avoid any monthly fees.

      • Mike

        How do you cancel the card? Does cancelling the card mean you need to buy a new card?

        • Aaron

          Mike, if you mean the Green Dot prepaid card, you can cancel it by calling them. But it’s reloadable, so if you want to keep using it, just add more money. For Money Paks, that is a way to add cash to about any prepaid card. You buy the Money Pak for the amount you want to add to the card plus a small fee, then you can log into your account and use the unique account number on the Money Pak to transfer the money to your prepaid card. Money Paks can be used only once.

  • Jay

    Hello, if I add the MoneyPak to my Paypal account, can I still refund my MoneyPak?
    Also, to clarify, once I spend the MoneyPak, I can no longer recover it in any way?

  • L. Coleman

    I am absolutely freaked out about having to provide…my full name, FULL social security number, full date of birth….AND my address.

    Why don’t I just add my bank account numbers, the names of my children and their socials etc etc etc.

    We are told to NEVER give out this information over the web. Why are MoneyPak asking for this…the full social. We do not even put full socials down on our paychecks at work or in any sort of forms or applications other than W-2 info.

    I don’t get it?

    • Aaron

      Federal law requires Green Dot and other prepaid card, credit cards, banks, etc. to ask for this information. For better or worse, it is part of the government’s war on terror. The rules are designed to detect money transfers to or from organization or individuals who may be linked to terrorist movements.

  • John Flushing

    Is it possible to use a GreenDot money pack to receive payment for something that I sold on eBay. If so, then how do I turn the money into tangible cash?

    • Aaron

      John, I don’t believe so. Money Pak enables you to add cash to a card, not receive payment via eBay. PayPal is a good alternative for eBay.

  • dana

    I bought a money pack and add the fund on my paypal account. On Nov 4, 2010 is the 91st day after purchase, are they gonna charge me $4.95 fee after that?

    it says above the code/number :
    A $4.95 monthly fee will be applied against any remaining funds on the money pack beginning the 91 days after purchase, except where prohibite by law.

    • Jos

      No that would mean that they charge you $4.95 every month if you still have money on the moneypack, if you add it all to PayPal you have nothing to worry about.

  • Jos

    Moneypack website says they only put from 20 dollars to 500 dollars. Does that mean I cannot put anything less than 20 dollars in the moneypak? I was planning on loading $10 so… please answer!

    • Aaron

      Jos, $20 is the limit. Remember that a MoneyPak costs $4.95, so it would be a very expensive way to put just $10 on a card.

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  • Elvis

    I mistakenly asked for a refund and wants to cancel the refund so that i can start using my MoneyPak what should i do.

    • Aaron

      Elvis, if the refund has not been processed, the funds you placed on the MoneyPak should still be on the card. If you planned to transfer the MoneyPak to a prepaid card, I would still try and see if it works. If it doesn’t, my suggestion would be to call MoneyPak. Good luck!

  • Elvis

    Please Aaron Ans me as soon as possible because i have to use it to do some transactions ” I want to Cancel a refund i requested i called the machine 8004733636 but “he” could not help me. i want to cancel the refund

  • craig

    can someone please give me a direct answer to a simple question. I called Moneypak and he wouldn’t tell me the answer unless I buy a card first and have an account ! I’m not buying a card if there is a fee each time its reloaded. so I need to know before buying. I want to buy a moneypak card. it cost 4.95. My question is, is there a 4.95 fee each and every time I reload it? or only 4.95 one time?

    thank you to anyone who may know the answer to this

    • Aaron

      Craig, you will pay $4.95 each time you load a prepaid card with a Money Pak. In fact, you can only use a Money Pak once. Loading a prepaid card with cash is expensive, particularly if you load the card frequently. The least expensive way to load a prepaid card is through direct deposit or bank transfer, which are both typically free. If you do load with cash, your best bet is to load a lot on the card so you won’t have to reload more than once or twice a month.

  • sandy

    i bought two moneypak cards n mixed them up . how do i find out witch one is witch ,both have different amounts ?

    • Michal

      I would suggest checking the balance on each card and from there you should be able to figure out which card is which. You can do this either online or by calling the customer service number on the back of the card. Hope this helps!

  • Ryan

    Do I hav to be 18 or older to buy a moneypak from walmart or wawa?

    • Aaron

      Ryan, I don’t think there is an age requirement to buy a Money Pak. But remember that a Money Pak allows you to take the funds you’ve added and transfer them to a prepaid credit card or paypal account. It’s how you add cash to either. You can’t spend a Money Pak–it works in conjunction with another card or paypal.

  • rachael

    i sold an item on ebay. its a few weeks later the guy wants a refund. i don’t have money in my paypal and i dont have a bank account. i need to refund this money and was wondering if i could buy a moneypak card, add the money/card to my paypal, then use it to refund the money? once it is in my paypal can i use it for purchases and refunds?

    • Aaron

      Rachael, yes, you can add money to a paypal account with Money Pak. And once you have money in your paypal account, you can use it anywhere that accepts paypal (which should include refunds).

  • Cherry

    Hiya, I just activated my Green Dot Pre Paid credit card. I wanted to use it for paypal but it wouldn’t let me. It said
    “This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”
    So i was wondering how i can get my money back and put the money on a money pak.


  • Cherry

    Nevermind about the first question i asked.
    I found the problem and i found another problem…
    Please tell me why……. when i checked my balance on my green dot card it said I have zero dollars in there. I put $150 and i never used it.

    • Aaron

      Cherry, if you just added the funds, it can take some time for them to show up on the card. It varies based on how you added the funds. My suggestion would be to call Green Dot. They should be able to answer all of your questions.

      • orlando

        i just bought a money pack card an it is blue is it the correct one??

        • Aaron

          I’ve only seen green Moneypaks.

  • kacy

    can you use these moneypak cards to load cash on to your regular bank cards like bank of america,federal credit unions,capital one,pnc bank etc which are debit cards

  • Suzie

    I bought MoneyPak to add some fund to my PayPal account but it didn’t go through because of security reasons so I asked for a refund. How will I get my refund? Will I get a check through the mail? Hope you can answer this. Thanks a lot.