How To Load Your YAP Prepaid MasterCard

Your YAP Prepaid MasterCard offers a variety of ways to load funds to your card. Some of the load options available come with a small fee, while others are totally free. The great thing about the YAP card is you don’t have to go to a retail location unless you want to. You can even make a money transfer right from your cell phone. Cardmembers can choose from the several options when it comes to loading your YAP card, which we describe below.

  • Direct Deposit
  • YAP Mobile
  • Bank Account Transfers
  • Nationwide Retailer Locations

YAP Direct Deposit
Direct deposit offers a variety of benefits to card members. It allows you to have your paycheck or government benefits check electronically deposited to your YAP MasterCard account. Once you are enrolled you will automatically have your check in your account each pay period. When you get your YAP Card, you will receive a Direct Deposit form that includes easy steps to enroll and put your paycheck directly onto your prepaid debit card. Also, at anytime you can login to your YAP account and click “Direct Deposit” to sign up. You’ll get all the steps you need for ensuring your paycheck goes on your prepaid card.

YAP Mobile
All YAP MasterCard members are automatically enrolled in the YAP mobile service. The service allows you to send and receive money to you YAP card by sending a text message from your cell phone. With YAP, you can make payments and transfer money without having to carry cash. YAP also offers you a guarantee that protects you against fraud. As a way to protect members against fraud there are limits to the amount of money you can send through YAP. In one day is $950. The maximum you can send in a week is $3,000. In one month you can send up to $7,500.

Transfer From A Bank Account
You can always make a transfer from any bank account to your YAP MasterCard account. You do this by logging into your bank account and selecting the option to make a transfer. When asked you will enter your YAP account information and then transfer the amount you desire to transfer. Some banks charge a transfer fee for transactions like this. Your YAP does not charge for making a transfer from your bank account.

Nationwide Retailers
You can load cash onto your YAP MasterCard by purchasing a Green Dot® MoneyPak®, which is a way to convert your physical cash to electronic cash and get your prepaid card funded. Green Dot® MoneyPak®s are available at thousands of retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Walgreens and Kroger.

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