InFusion Prepaid MasterCard® Review

The InFusion Prepaid MasterCard® is a prepaid card that combines the power of a credit card with the convenience of cash. With the InFusion card, you will never have debt, no late or overdraft fees, and no interest charges. You can only spend what you put on your card. You can use Free Direct Deposit or add cash to the card at anytime. You can make purchases anywhere MasterCard debit is accepted, which is just about anywhere. You can shop online or in stores, make travel arrangements, pay bills, and get cash at ATMs. There are no credit checks and approval is guaranteed. You can take control of your finances with free online account access 24/7. InFusion is safe, simple, and easy to get. Your past credit history is not a factor when you apply for the card. Here are some of the prepaid card features:

  • FREE Direct Deposit
  • Unlimited Nationwide Mobile
  • Talk & text plans as low as $40/month
  • FREE SMS Text Alerts
  • Get Cash at ATM’s & Stores

Loading the Card
There are several ways you can load funds to the card. You can sign up for direct deposit, add cash at participating locations, or use Money Gram or Western Union. Using direct deposit is the best way because it is free and convenient. Ask your employer or benefits provider to electronically place your paycheck or benefits into your prepaid card account using direct deposit. Your money is safe and instantly available when using any of the above companies to load cash onto your prepaid card.

Online Bill Pay
Online bill pay is a convenient way for customers to pay any bill electronically or via a paper check. Since money is deducted straight from your card account when the electronic or paper check is created, you will never get an expensive or unexpected overdraft fee. You can pay just about every type of bill or even your rent payment. If the company does not accept electronic bill pay, then InFusion will send a check on your behalf.

Simple Mobile
Simple Mobile is mobile phone service. The InFusion Prepaid Card in partnership with Simple Mobile offers Infusion Customer’s a simple, affordable mobile plan, one that is right for them. Switching to the Simple Mobile unlimited wireless plan may save you $50 every month alone! Opening up a mobile account with Simple Mobile can be done quickly and easily though the InFusion Card website. This is an additional service InFusion provides customer’s, but you do not have to sign up for the service to be a cardmember.

InFusion Prepaid MasterCard® Fees
The table below highlights some of the card fees. To see a complete list review the card terms and conditions.

Activation Fee$6.50 (Free with direct deposit)
Monthly Fee$6.50 (Reduced to $3.50 with direct deposit)
Online Card account accessFree
Direct DepositFree
Non-PIN transactionsFree
Cash back at retail locationFree
Negative Balance FeeNone