Prepaid Debit Cards with Bonus Offers

If you are looking for a prepaid card with the option of a little free money for you – we can help with some offers currently available. These cards have low fees and great features but best of all they offer you a bonus. Typically these bonuses are related to signing up for direct deposit of payroll or government benefit checks and range from $10 to $25 once eligibility requirements have been met. Eligibility requirements vary from card to card. We also found a bonus just for signing up.

As new offers become available, we will continue to bring them to you. If you are aware of bonus offers not listed, please leave a comment. We appreciate your input. Here the cards on our current list.

American Express® Prepaid Card

American Express is now offering a $25 gift card bonus from American Express Prepaid Card when you load your card for the first time with a minimum of $25. You must use promo code AEPC25 by April 30, 2012 to receive the $25 gift card bonus. Interesting note, you are allowed three cards per person so you could conceivably receive $75. There is no credit check to get the card and no monthly or annual fees. You’ll pay no purchase fees or overdraft fees, no inactivity or foreign exchange fees, and it offers protection not offered by all prepaid cards.

AccountNow Gold Visa

The AccountNow Gold Visa is a great alternative to a checking account or credit card. The fees associated with this card are a little higher than others, unless you load at least $2,500 a month. If you are someone who plans on loading that amount or you don’t mind paying a little extra for more benefits then this card might be for you. If you load $2,500 a month, there will be no monthly fee, otherwise it is $9.95. With this card you will get free features like online bill pay, direct deposit, online account management, and mobile alerts. The AccountNow Gold also has higher daily and monthly limits on deposits and withdrawals. You will receive a $25 bonus if you sign-up for direct deposit and deposit at least $500 or more for 2 or more consecutive months within six months of opening your account.

mPower™ Visa® Prepaid Card

mPower is offering $25 cash bonus with direct deposit. There is also free activation and $0 monthly fee with your direct deposit feature. You can pay bills on line, shop online, and book travel. There is no minimum balance. And, as always with prepaid cards, there is no credit check. This card can be used to get your tax refund and this card offers a cash back program. Please check their terms and conditions for all fees and details.

Walmart MoneyCard MasterCard Prepaid Card

The Walmart prepaid MasterCard is offering a $10 bonus for a limited time for signing up for their card with direct deposit of your paycheck or government check. This card has a relatively simple fee structure. The monthly fee is $3.00 which will be waived if you reload $1,000 during the prior month. The swipe reload @ Walmart is $3.00 or free by using direct deposit or Walmart check cashing. Cash at the ATM or teller is $2.00 or you can you can get cash back with purchase at Walmart where available. ATM balance inquiry is $1.00 or free by phone, text or online. There is also a Visa version of this card called the Walmart MoneyCard(SM) Prepaid Visa® Card.

For complete information on all of these offers be sure to review the cardholder agreements. There are tons of details and scenarios to consider before choosing which card is for you.

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