Prepaid Visa® KLS RushCard Review

KLS Prepaid Card
KLS Prepaid RushCard Online Application

The Prepaid Visa® KLS RushCard is the newest addition to the RushCard family. This is a prepaid card that was created by Russel Simmons. The card offers members a variety of perks for being a card holder. This debit card gives you all the flexibility of “plastic” without the risk of overdraft fees, interest charges and debt. Since this is a prepaid card there is no credit check and it doesn’t matter if you have had credit issues in the past. This has a built in feature that can even help you build or reestablish good credit. The card can be used everywhere Visa debit is accepted and there are no sign up fees. Here are some of the features of the card:

  • Free Direct Deposit – sign up now and have a safe place to put your tax refund
  • Guaranteed approval – no credit check required
  • Online bill pay and free text alerts
  • Free Prescription Discount Card from RushCard – save up to 85% on prescriptions

Pay As You Go/ Monthly Plan

All RushCard give members the choice in how they want their fee structure to work. You can either choose the Pay As You Go Plan or the Monthly Plan. The Pay As You Go Plan is structure for those that only want to pay a fee when you use the card. With this option there is no monthly fee and you can even earn cash back after you make 10 transactions during a month. The Monthly Plan is for those who want to pay a fixed monthly fee and have the freedom to use their card as much as they would like. With this plan you get free signature transactions and two free ATM withdraws each month.

Credit Builder

One of the features of the that not all prepaid cards offer is the credit builder. With the RushPath credit builder the card offers helps you build credit history every time you pay your bills with your Card. You can pay bills like utilities, rent, phone, etc. It’s free to all card members and you don’t have to enroll, you just get it. RushCard automatically reports your payment history to LexisNexis® and PRBC®, a national credit reporting agency. These credit reporting agencies basically will create a file for you to report positive credit. At some point when you apply for a credit card, lenders may use your credit information obtained by one of these lenders. In order to partake in the RushPath you do have to enroll, but its free.

Loading the Card

The card gives several options for loading fund to your prepaid card. Direct Deposit is free, fast and convenient. Your paycheck can automatically be deposited to your card each pay day. This means no more paying check cashing fees or waiting in line. You can even have government checks directly added to your card too. There are lots of great benefits to direct deposit. You can always add cash by going to any participating retail location like Western Union, MoneyGram and Green Dot Money Pak. Bank & Wire Transfers, PayPal Transfers and Card to Card transfers with other cardmembers is acceptable too.