Merger Benefits READYdebit® Visa Prepaid Card Members

AccountNow, Inc., one of the largest prepaid card companies, merged with Ready Financial Group, Inc. last June opening up more opportunities for their prepaid card members. AccountNow maintains a very successful partnership with well-respected online tax preparation company This relationship is now affording READYdebit® Visa Prepaid Card customers to e-file their tax return using the ezTaxReturn site directly from

So how will this feature benefit READYdebit® Visa Prepaid Card members? Let’s take a look.

Besides a great filing process, the convenient aspect here is that your refund will be credited to your prepaid READYdebit® Visa Prepaid Card. They provide an extremely user-friendly
environment and walk you through the filing process in less than 30 minutes. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Here’s a look at the features:

  • Refund deposited directly to your card
  • Simple or complicated – no problem
  • Protection in case of audit (+ $39.95)
  • US based customer service
  • Biggest refunds – guaranteed
  • Free downloads of returns for 3 years
  • IRS confirmation within 24-48 hours
  • Refund in 7-8 days
  • Consistently proven 99% customer satisfaction

You won’t be asked to pay until you complete your return. If you’re happy, you will pay $29.95 for Federal, $19.95 for State, and for both you will pay $39.95. With ezTaxReturn online filing means no more long wait (up to 2 months) for a return to be mailed to you. Here’s a screenshot of their fees:

READYdebit ®Visa Prepaid Card

If you are not already familiar with this prepaid card (or prepaid cards in general), they are ideal in many situations. Getting approved is easy because your credit standing is not a consideration. A prepaid card will assure that you won’t go into debt overspending. It also saves you high interest fees that traditional credit card companies charge you. Some people don’t have (and don’t want) a bank account. Many employers now mandate that employees have payroll checks direct-deposited. A prepaid card account can meet this requirement (without a traditional bank account) and also offers the READYdebit member additional “banking” conveniences such as online bill paying.

  • No Credit Checks
  • Convenience of a credit card
  • No Overdraft Fees or Balance Minimums
  • Free Unlimited Purchase Transactions
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Online Bill Payment & Check Writing
  • Reloadable up to $10,000 Max Balance
  • Personalize Your Card Color – Blue, Black or Pink

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your balance cannot exceed $10,000 at any time
  • READYdebit will only accept tax refunds in the name of the cardholder
  • There are fees: A “Basic” card is $4.95 per month. Purchases made as debit purchases (using PIN number) will cost you .95 each.
  • A “Select” card is $8.95 per month but there are no charges for additional purchases.
  • Having direct deposit allows you to use the Online Bill Pay for free. Without it — $4 per month.
  • You can add cash to your READYdebit card at tons of retail locations including Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, RadioShack, Rite Aid, to name just a few.

So, if you are already a READYdebit ®Visa Prepaid Cardholder, check out or access the link through your READYdebit account, then – go forth and file!