Important iBankUP Prepaid Account Updates

iBankUp Prepaid Account has just announced a new cash back rewards offer to their accounts. This special addition to their card has already received high recognition from consumers, and iBankUP believes that this offer will continue to receive high marks. As we believe here at PPC123, we envision that the prepaid industry will begin offering more and more incentives to their cards, like this cash back offer, to make their cards more appealing to consumers. As the demand for prepaid cards continues to grow and becomes more competitive such added benefits to prepaid cards are yet to come. The addition of such awards programs is a great perk to prepaid card users.

iBankUP is a money management service that comes with an UPside Visa Prepaid Card and an online virtual check book. It works by allowing you to receive funds through direct deposit or cash loads. Since it is a prepaid account, your spending limit is based on how much you deposit onto the account. All the purchases you make are deducted from your account and your available balance is in real time so you always know how much is on the card. Unlike many prepaid cards available today, you will earn reward points redeemable for cash back for all your online purchases made at leading US retailers through the iBankUP shopping mall. For more information on how this online virtual mall works check out the UPside Visa Prepaid Card Cash Back Offer that was recently announced and that is part of the iBankUP network.

Benefits of iBankUP Prepaid Accounts

  • The power of a bank account in a Visa prepaid card.
  • 100% approval with no credit check and no activation fee.
  • Save up to $220 compared with prepaid cards or checking accounts
  • $0.99 monthly fee if $500 is loaded each month. (Only $2.99 otherwise).
  • Free Direct Deposit from employers or deposit cash at 50,000 retailers.
  • Write personal checks online: easy to pay rent or other bills
  • Earn 1,500 cash back reward points for you first direct deposit load.
  • Optional companion card available, as if you had a joint checking.