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A Review of the Green Dot Online Bill Pay Service

The Green Dot MasterCard and the Green Dot Visa Card both allow their card members to log onto their online account and pay bills. Instead of going to the website of each individual company to make a payment, you can make all your payments right from your Green Dot account. It doesn't matter if the company your making the payment to doesn't accept electronic payments because Green Dot will write them a check.

Using a bill pay service like this is nice because all your payments are tracked and available for you to see at anytime. When you make a payment the funds are deducted from your account balance so you always know what is available in your account. There are many reasons to use an online bill pay service like the one offered by Green Dot.

Signing Up

Signing up for the Green Dot online bill pay service is easy and once you become a card member you can do so right from the Green Dot website. There are three easy steps to signing up. You can only enroll in the bill pay program with the Personalized Card. The service is free and you will not be charged any fees for using it.

  1. Select "Online Bill Pay" from the navigation bar
  2. Click on the "Sign up Now" button on the right side of the page
  3. After you have accepted the Bill Payment Agreement and verified your email, you will be ready to pay bills using your Green Dot Card

Eligible Bills To Pay

With the Green Dot bill pay you will be able to pay almost any bill. There are thousands of companies that are able to accept electronic payments, including most utility companies, cell phone providers, and other companies as well. When you access the online bill pay service you can view the complete list of companies that are able to accept electronic payments.

If there is a company you use that does not accept electronic payments, you can elect to have a paper check to to the company instead. This could include companies or individuals like a landlord or even if you just want to send a friend a check. The check is issued from the bank on your behalf and the funds are take out of your account. Paper checks are sent through the US mail so keep in mind the delivery time frames vary, but are usually within 5 business days. You can only send payments to recipients within the United States.

Payment Details

If the company your paying accepts electronic payments, your payment can often be made as early as the next business day as long as you submit your payment request prior to 1:00 pm ET. There is no minimum amount that can be paid, but there is a $1,000 maximum limit on each individual bill payment. With the Green Dot Card you have a daily spending limit of $2,500 and your bill payments count towards this limit.

Scheduling Payments

With the service you are able to schedule any payment ahead of time, up to a year in advance. The online payment calendar lets you view the date your money will leave your Card, as well as the earliest date your money may be received by your payee. If the company your paying is part of the thousands of companies who accept electronic payments you payment could arrive to them as early as the next day.

Insufficient Funds

If you get in a situation where the funds are not available on your prepaid card to pay the bill you scheduled there are some things you should know. First, if you make a payment before 1pm ET and want the bill to be paid the same day, the bill pay service will process the payment the same day. If the funds are not available you will get a message back telling you the payment has been declined for insufficient funds. If you have scheduled a payment for the future, you payment will be process on the day you request. If on that day the funds are not available by 1pm ET then you will get notification via email letting you know the payment could not be process because of insufficient funds. For this reason it is important Green Dot always has a valid email address for you.