Walmart MoneyCard(SM) Prepaid Visa® Card

Review of: Walmart MoneyCard(SM) Prepaid Visa® Card
Walmart MoneyCard(SM) Prepaid Visa® Card

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On June 29, 2010
Last modified:August 21, 2013


Relatively low fees, excellent banking features, load cash at any Walmart.

The Walmart MoneyCardSM Visa® is a prepaid Visa offered by WalMart in conjunction with Green Dot. As a prepaid Visa card, there are no credit checks or bank accounts required, and there are no overdraft fees, over limit fees, or interest charges. The Walmart MoneyCardSM Visa® Prepaid Card is accepted everywhere Visa debit cards are worldwide, and they’re easy to reload.

Here are some of the key benefits of the Walmart MoneyCardSM Visa® Prepaid Card :

  • No issuance fee online
  • No credit check or bank account required
  • No overdraft fees
  • No minimum balance required
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Use everywhere Visa debit is accepted, including shop online, pay bills, get cash at ATMs

How to reload your Walmart MoneyCardSM Visa® Prepaid Card

The Walmart MoneyCardSM Visa® Prepaid Card offers a variety of ways to reload your card, whether it’s online, or in person. Listed below are the flexible reload options available for the MoneyCard.

  1. With cash at Wal-Mart ($3 reload fee): Swipe your card at the register of any participating Walmart store. The amount you load will be instantly available. Load any amount from $20 to $1,100.
  2. By check at Wal-Mart: Cash your eligible pre-printed Payroll or Government Check at Walmart and load all or part of your money with no reload fees. Enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping right where you reload your card. Load any amount from $20 to $1,500. (Not available in CT, NJ, NY, or RI.)
  3. Direct Deposit: When you enroll in direct deposit, load all or part of your paycheck. Enjoy having your money automatically available on your Card as of the check’s payment date with no reload fees.
  4. With a MoneyPak: Purchase a MoneyPak at participating Wal-Mart stores. After you purchase the MoneyPak and provide the load amount to the cashier, you can go online to to reload your card.
  5. With an Online Bank Transfer: Add money online from a bank, credit union or other financial institution through an electronic money transfer. Enjoy the convenience of reloading your Card from work or home with no reload fees.
  6. With Wal-Mart Money Center Express ($3 reload fee): Get more than just ATM withdrawals with your Wal-Mart Money Card. Add cash to your Card, check your balance and even purchase money orders and phone cards with fewer lines and less waiting. Find a Wal-Mart Money Center Express machine at the front of participating Wal-Mart stores near Customer Service and Wal-Mart Money Centers.

Card Features

There are several card features that distinguish the Walmart MoneyCardSM Visa® Prepaid Card from many other prepaid credit cards:

  • No purchase transaction fees.
  • The Visa zero liability policy protects you from unauthorized purchases, fraud and theft if your Wal-Mart Money Card is ever lost or stolen.
  • No issuance fee.
  • No overdraft fee.

You can compare the Walmart MoneyCardSM Visa® Prepaid Card to our extensive list of free and no fee prepaid credit cards.

Walmart MoneyCardSM Visa® Prepaid Card Fees

Every prepaid credit card comes with fees. The best cards have low fees, and even offer ways to use the card for free depending on how much you load on the card each month. The Walmart MoneyCardSM Visa® Prepaid Card, while not completely free, offers a low fees.

  • sandra bolton

    I will be at one of your Walmart stores, before this weekend is over, to apply for the Walmart moneycard Prepaid Visa. I’m living a low income. I am an Avon customer and is responsible for my customers products and money. The Walmart moneycard is the cheapest I’ve seen thus far. Thank you Walmart for thinking of us with low income. Truely yours Sandra

  • Deon Perry

    Hello thank youWal-mart for thinking of this very innovative way to keep people from losing there money….. This will only make you guys have a better center in this crude econnomy… Deon

  • nana dune

    it is possible to buy airline ticket with walmart visas card?

    • Aaron

      Yes it is. Of course, you can always call the airline you want to fly on to confirm, but you shouldn’t have any trouble buying an airline ticket with a prepaid card.

  • mary lou morrison

    Can I use the prepaid visa internationally

    • Aaron

      Yes, prepaid cards can be used internationally. But one thing to keep in mind is that similar to regular credit cards, most prepaid cards charge a fee of 1 to 3% on international purchases.

  • Alberto

    If I don’t have a social security number, Can I still apply for one Prepaid Visa?

    • Aaron

      A social security number is required by federal law to get a prepaid card.

  • Sue

    Three questions::

    Can you use a temporary walmart money card to purchase a plane ticket online?
    Can you sign up for the walmart money card if you’re 18, with your i.d?
    If you’re only planning to use the card once or twice during the course of a week, and never again after that, do you still get a personalized card sent to you? Or can you request not to… would it be necessary to purchase the plane ticket?

    • Aaron

      Sue, these are great questions. You can get the card if you are 18 or older. And I believe you can purchase airline tickets with a prepaid card, but this would be up to the airlines. As for the personalized card, I think they send that to you automatically. The card isn’t really designed to be used once or twice only, although there is nothing preventing you from using it this way.

  • Adam

    I live in a rural area of the US that is beyond the delivery service routes offered by rural free delivery and other postal service contract carriers, on a rugged dirt road off of paved roads where they cannot travel. The United States Postal Service does not provide mail service to this area, and anyone living around here must travel to the nearest city and obtain a post office box from USPS. However, we citizens are excluded from participating in this debit card program due to WalMart’s requirement that Postal Box customers are prohibited.

    • Aaron

      Adam, unfortunately this is required of all prepaid card companies. It’s part of the federal government’s new laws to make sure financial institutions can identify the individuals they are doing business with.

  • Peggy

    What fees does Walmart charge on the prepaid Visa card?

    • Aaron

      Peggy, Wal-Mart charges several fees, including $3 to get the card, $3 to reload the card at Wal-mart, and fees for ATM withdrawals. You can get a complete list of the fees at the Walmart MoneyCard site.

  • Mary Wahl

    I just recently purchased a Walmart Visa money card and was not able to register this card. check the balance or purchase anything with it. This is very frustrating to me and if someone could help that would be great. Thank you.

  • Otto

    Since I have to put my home address on the application, is there going to be any conflict with the card since my paychecks will have my PO box address on them?



  • Lorne

    Can I use this prepaid credit card on poker sites? Such as UltimateBet?

    • Aaron

      Lorne, that’s up to each individual poker site. Some take prepaid cards, while others do not.

      • Karin

        Online poker is online gambling: I suggest you READ THE CARDHOLDER AGREEMENT: See Paragraph 5 below.
        “Your Responsibilities. You are responsible for the following:
        You must maintain value on your Walmart MoneyCard to pay for each transaction and all applicable fees. If you attempt a transaction for more than the value available on your Walmart MoneyCard, the transaction may be declined.
        You agree we may deduct the amount of your transactions and applicable fees, and any other amount you owe us in connection with any Temporary Card or Personalized Card, directly from the balance of your Walmart MoneyCard.
        You must pay us immediately on demand if, for any reason, your Walmart MoneyCard does not have a sufficient balance to cover the amount of a transaction and amounts owed to us.
        You will not authorize anyone else to use your Walmart MoneyCard, or transfer your card to anyone. You are not permitted to resell your Walmart MoneyCard.
        You will not use your Walmart MoneyCard in an illegal reload or transaction or in connection with an Internet gambling transaction.
        You will take reasonable steps to protect the security and confidentiality of the PIN you select for your Walmart MoneyCard.
        You will notify us right away if you believe your Walmart MoneyCard or PIN has been lost or stolen or that someone has used or may use your card or PIN without your permission. You can notify us on-line at or by calling (877) 937-4098 or writing to us at Our Mail Address. See “Your Liability for Unauthorized Use of Your Walmart MoneyCard or PIN.”
        You agree to cooperate with us in our investigation of any possible unauthorized use of your Walmart MoneyCard.

  • Karin

    Here’s what everyone wants to know: Taken from the website (cardholder agreement).
    ” Fees. We will charge the fees listed below for your Walmart MoneyCard. We can change the fees as described in section 21 below.
    Standard Fees
    One-time Temporary Card Issuance Fee at Walmart Store
    - Standard Walmart MoneyCard $3.00
    - Student Edition Walmart MoneyCard $6.00
    Reload Personalized Card at Walmart (No Check Cashing) $3.00
    Reload Personalized Card at Green Dot Varies by Retailer
    Location (other than Walmart store)
    Additional Personalized Card Fee
    - Standard Walmart MoneyCard $3.00
    - Student Edition Walmart MoneyCard $0.00
    – ATM Cash Transaction – Domestic $2.00
    ATM Cash Transaction – International $2.00
    ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00
    Monthly Maintenance Fee $3.00
    Teller Cash Transaction $2.00
    Lost/Stolen Replacement Personalized Card $3.00
    Rush Delivery of Personalized Card $20.00
    Foreign Transactions (see section 19) 2%
    When you use an ATM not owned by us, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator or any network used (and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a transaction).

    21. Changes; Waiver. We reserve the right to change, delete or add to this Agreement and to apply any such modification to a Walmart MoneyCard that has been issued to you and to value on your Walmart MoneyCard. We will provide you notice of any such modification as required by applicable law. If we decide not to enforce our rights or charge a fee in one situation, we are not giving up our right to enforce it or to charge the fee in a later situation.”

    • SadieJackson

      I got a Wall-Mart visa Card on 7/6/2013. Waited 2 week for the personalized card to arrive, it did not come to my house. My time is valuable. I tried to report not receiving the card and found all types of hindrances. The phone number on my receipt only gave 2 options; 1. Activation 2. to learn more about the card. It also said that I could complete my activation faster online. I went online looking to report the missing card. I did not see anything or anyway to report the card as not received.

      I went under help and browse the questions, until I found one similar to my situation and founded a number . called that number, and again I went through an automation questionnaire. I finally reached a human support who could only say the card was mailed on the 7th of July. today is the 26 day of July. and he tells me I have to wait for 5 to 10 days to resend the card and they cancel the last one. I am angry, because of the run around lost of my precious time and then still having to wait to receive the card. I asked them to send it by registered mail where I have to sign to receive it. no way, asked to have overnight deliver, still they say no way. This card is not worth the trouble, and Wall-Mart does not care for the problems suffered by this consumer.

  • Karin

    I just went and tried to buy a WalMart Prepaid Visa card, here is what I learned:
    1. YOU CAN NOT RELOAD THE WALMART MONEYCARD PREPAID VISA CARD WITH AN ONLINE MONEY TRANSFER. “Reloading Your Personalized Card. You may reload additional amounts onto your Personalized Card after it is activated:
    With cash or a PIN-based debit card at any participating Walmart store in the United States;
    By cashing a payroll check from your employer or a government-issued check at a Walmart store in the United States and asking the store associate to load the value to your Walmart MoneyCard;
    At retail locations (including participating Walmart stores) that participate in the Green Dot® Financial Network; and
    By direct deposit from your employer of your salary or wages.
    If you reload your Personalized Card by presenting your Walmart MoneyCard to a cashier at a participating Walmart store, we will charge the fee listed in the chart in Section 10. Walmart may also charge you a fee for cashing a check. Please note that if you reload your Personalized Card at other locations, or if you reload your Personalized Card by purchasing a MoneyPak, we do not charge you a fee but those businesses or Green Dot may charge a fee to you for the service they provide. Excluding direct deposits from your employer, the minimum amount that may be loaded to a Personalized Card in a single reload is $20 and the maximum amount that may be loaded to a Personalized Card in a single reload is $1,500. The maximum amount that may be loaded to a Personalized Card on a day is $3,000. In no event may the balance of any Personalized Card exceed $3,000. For security reasons, there may be additional limits on the amount, number or type of reloads you can make to your Walmart MoneyCard. ”
    2. When you buy your temporary card, you load it, but you can’t reload until you receive the permanent card in 7-10 Business Days.
    3. 99% of WalMart Employees have NO information about this program, they do not know how it works, they do not know the rules and they do not know who to ask: They also will just make up an answer that sounds reasonable to them rather than telling you that they don’t know.

  • bigeyes

    want information on direct deposit and routing number to get direct deposit

    • Aaron

      bigeyes, every prepaid card comes with a routing number ( a 9 digit number that identifies the bank the card is associated with), and a bank account number. The confusing thing is that the bank account number associated with the card is NOT the number printed on the front of the card. To get the routing number and the bank account number, contact the prepaid card provider. Some provide this information when they send you the card. Others make it available when you log into your account. But if not, just call them and they will provide the information.

  • Rob

    Can you load a moneypak onto a temporary card or do you have to wait to get your personalized card?

    • Aaron

      Rob, I’ve never tried to load a MoneyPak onto a temporary card. But because you can load the MoneyPak online, I think it’s likely that you can so long as you have access to your card online. I know that’s how the Mango MasterCard works, for example.

  • mary

    do you have to be 18 just to add more money to your card?

    • Aaron

      Mary, I don’t believe there is an age restriction on loading the card.

  • Michael

    Can I load a WalMart MoneyCard Prepaid Visa from a couple of Walmart Gift cards that I have? From what I understand the gift cards can only be used @ Walmart but the MoneyCard is supposed to be able to be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

  • Susan

    Can I get cash back on my Walmart Credit Card?

    • Michal

      Susan, If you are asking about making an ATM withdraw then the answer is yes. You can make withdraws from an ATM as long as you have a PIN (personal identification number). It is a four digit number that you would have either picked yourself or you would of had one assigned to you.

  • genise

    how long does it take to get a permenent card in after bying a double pack at walmart? need it fast husband working away from home

  • dumdum

    I don’t need a permanet pre paid Visa debit card since I intend to use it only once. Can I cancel the card once I’m done with it?

    • Michal

      Thanks for your question. Here’s how the card works: the Card is good for at least one year from the date of first activation as long as you maintain a balance of more than zero dollars. However, if your Card has a zero balance for 60 continuous days, then your Card will expire at the end of that 60 day period even if is sooner than one year. Once your Card has expired for any reason, it cannot be renewed or reloaded. So, you can’t really cancel your card, but if you do not reload the card for 60 days it will expire. Hope this helps!

  • Kristal

    If I only want to use my card once, will I be charged anything monthly afterwards or will I need to put more money on it? Basically can I put it up after I use it once and never use it again?

    • Michal

      The WalMart MoneyCard charges members a $3 monthly fee. However, if your Card has a zero balance for 60 continuous days, then your Card will expire at the end of that 60 day period. Once your Card has expired for any reason, it cannot be renewed or reloaded. Hope this answers your question.

  • pam street

    i would like to use my walmart money card to buy insurance but they require a routing number and account number like a checking account. i have walmart routing number, but have been told 2 different things on account number. is it the card number or the number on their website for direct deposits. i need to have the real account number so it doesn’t get messed up. does anyone know the answer???

    • Aaron

      Pam, the safe thing to do is call walmart. That said, the routing number is always tied to the account number that is used for direct deposit, not the number on the face of the card.

  • Craig

    Not working out for me. I was under the impression that if there was no balance on the card then there was no monthly fee.
    I bought the card for $3, loaded it for another $3, drained it, no problem.

    3 months later I reload ($3) and this time I didn’t drain it, I had about $4 on it and I assumed the monthly fee would just drain it and I’d be back to $0.00

    3 months later I reload ($3) I put $50 on the card to make a $45.63 purchase. Transaction won’t go through (insufficiant funds). I pull up account online and it shows a balance of $44.00.
    Now it’s a 20 mile drive back to Walmart and pay another $3 to add $2 to the card.
    I called the 1877 number and was told I’ve been charged $3 every month since getting the card. I know better, I’m on a VERY fixed income and if I’d of known I was going overdrawn on a prepaid Visa I would of cancelled it and cut it up after the first purchase.

    Cheaper for me to buy a fresh card every 3 months and pay $3 for the card and $3 to load it and then immediately cancel it and cut up the permanent one they send me through the mail.

    • Aaron

      Craig, you’re right that if you don’t use the card very often, it’s better to just cancel and get a new one when you need to use it again. You might want to consider the Mango card for this purpose, since it doesn’t charge a fee to get the card. The nice thing about the Walmart MoneyCard though is that you can load cash on the card at a Walmart.

  • Wendy

    Does this prepaid Walmart visa card have automatic reports to the following credit bureaus on a regular basis . Equifax, Experia or Transumor?

    • Aaron

      Wendy, that’s a great question, and the answer is no. Prepaid credit and debit cards do not report to the credit bureaus because they don’t extend credit.

  • gemma imperial

    Hi! I just want to ask, where can i get walmart visa prepaid card and where can i reload it? I’m working here in tokyo,japan. I just want to get the card ‘coz the product i want to buy is available only in US and only through online buying. I hope you have time to answer my question. Thank you.

    • Aaron

      You can use the links on this page to go to the Walmart MoneyCard online application page to get the card. The card can be loaded via bank transfer, direct deposit, or at a Wal-mart. Best of luck!

  • Anisa

    Hey, my birthday was yesterday and I am now 17 years of age.. and i was wondering can I get a Walmart card at my age.

    • Aaron

      Anisa, here is the answer directly from the Walmart MoneyCard website:

      “Anyone above the age of 18 can buy and use this Visa Card. For minors between the age of 16 to 17 we require parental/guardian authorization to activate. Minors between the age of 16 to 17 need a parent or legal guardian on the phone with them during the account activation process in order to accept the Cardholder Agreement on behalf of the underage child. Some merchants will ask to see the ID of the cardholder. So, it may be wise for underage users to have a student ID or other type of valid ID when using the Card.”

  • Anita

    If I purchase the Walmart Money (Visa) Card at Walmart in person, can I still establish an on-line account to track spending and receive email alerts

    • Aaron

      Anita, you sure can. That shouldn’t be a problem, although it’s worth confirming with Walmart when you get your card.

  • Regiald Payne

    Can i rent a card if i have one of these prepaid card?

  • Regiald Payne

    Can i rent a car with one of these prepaid cards?

    • Michal

      Regiald – You can use a WalMart MoneyCard to rent a car. One thing to keep in mind when you use any prepaid card to rent a car is that your card may be “authorized” (have money held) for more money than the actual cost of the rental car. How much more will depend on where you rent the car. The reason is that the rental car company won’t know if they need to charge you for things like gas, car damage and extra days until you return the vehicle. This means that you will not have access to these funds until the pending authorization drops off. You will only be charged for the cost of the car rental. Hope this helps!

  • Rob

    I love this card.

  • Josh

    I am thinking about gettin a walmart card and I was wounding if i get this card and put money on it and use it all up an dont use the card anymore will i still get charged for it ? And if i buy stuff online will i get charged anything if u buy online ?

    • Aaron

      Josh, there are no additional charges to use the card online, other than the cost of what you buy of course. And if you have no money on the card and don’t use it, they have no way of charging your a few (although I’d double check with Walmart just to be sure).

  • Dylan

    I am very worried about my identity being stolen, which routes to my question,
    do i truly have to use my social security number for this card? I was disappointed when it refused my registry.

  • Misty

    Bad Customer Service no human to talk to will not refund authorization in less then a week, even with the merchant requesting one.

  • Cy Gaydos

    No instructions or url link provided to do this acction

    5.With an Online Bank Transfer: Add money online from a bank, credit union or other financial institution through an electronic money transfer. Enjoy the convenience of reloading your Card from work or home with no reload fees.

  • Shanta

    Which reloaded Walmart card is best to receive my tax refund direct deposit?

    • Aaron

      Shanta, any reloadable prepaid card can receive a tax refund direct deposit. They all work fine.

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