Review of the Access 360 Prepaid Card

The Access 360 Prepaid Card is a good option among prepaid cards for Fifth Third banking customers or those with easy access to Fifth Third branches. It lacks some features that users might find important, however. Those outside of the 10-state Fifth Third service area would be better served with another card.

Access 360° Prepaid Card






Card Limits


Regional Card/Convenience



  • Low Fees
  • Great for Fifth Third banking customers


  • Restricted Service Area
  • Limited cash/check load options

Access 360° Prepaid Card Overview

The Access 360° Prepaid Card is offered by Fifth Third Bank, a brick and mortar bank with a 10-state service area. The card is issued through the Mastercard network and can be used for purchases wherever Mastercard debit cards are accepted.

For existing Fifth Third banking customers, the Access 360° card offers a prepaid card that can be used on the cheap. The monthly fee, normally $4, is waived for those with a Fifth Third checking account, and the card can be used to get cash at Allpoint ATMs without a fee. However, the card is available only at Fifth Third branches and cash loads can be made only at branches or Fifth Third ATMs.

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Features of the Access 360 Prepaid Card

The Access 360 card is a little basic on features. Like other prepaid cards, it can be used for direct deposit without a fee. And while Fifth Third offers a mobile app that can be used to view balances and transactions for the Access 360 card, it can’t be used for mobile check deposits.

A notable benefit of the Access 360 card is that it offers no-fee ATM withdrawals in the Allpoint ATM network, with over 50,000 locations.


The Access 360 Prepaid Card has a simple fee structure.

The card charges a $4 monthly fee, no transaction fees, and no activation fees. The monthly fee is less than average for cards that charge a monthly fee. Better still, it can be waived altogether if (1) you have a Fifth Third checking account or (2) you load $500 or more on the card during the prior month.

The Access 360 card offers free ATM transactions at Allpoint ATMs, including cash withdrawals, cash loads, and balance checks. For out-of-network ATM withdrawals, there’s a $2.75 fee, in addition to any fees charged by the ATM operator. Cash withdrawals at a Fifth Third teller cost $2.00.

Card Limits

The limits on the Access 360 Prepaid Card are a little lower than the average. The maximum card balance for the Access 360 card is $10,000. The daily ATM limit is $500. The cash load limit is $2,500.

Adding Money to the Access 360 Card

The options to load the Access 360 card are limited. Like most prepaid cards, you can set up paychecks and government benefits to be loaded onto the card via direct deposit without a fee. However, the card can’t be linked to other accounts–such as PayPal or other bank checking accounts–to transfer funds.

For loading cash, the downside is that cash can be loaded only at Fifth Third branches or the Allpoint ATM network. The upside is that both options are free.

How to Get the Access 360 Card

You can get the Access 360 Card only at Fifth Third branches. It’s not available online or in retail stores. The card requires only a simple application for verification of identity. There is no minimum initial load when getting the card.

The Bottom Line

Although the Access 360 Prepaid Card is bare-bones on features, its low fee structure makes it the best choice for existing Fifth Third customers. It’s also a reasonable choice for those near Fifth Third branches who may not have a Fifth Third account and don’t mind a trip to the ATM for check deposits and cash loads.

For those outside the Fifth Third service area or those looking for additional features or more convenience, there are some better prepaid card choices available.

Best For: Fifth Third customers with a checking account or close to Fifth Third branches

Not So Good For: Those outside the Fifth Third service area; those wanting more features