Purewrist contactless payment bracelets

    Purewrist Brings Low-Cost Payment Wearables to Prepaid

    Contactless payments have surged during the pandemic, and Purewrist looks to ride the wave with the first payment wearable for prepaid. Purewrist launched its contactless payment bracelet, Purewrist GO, at the end of 2020. It consists of a lightweight silicone band with an embedded chip attached to a prepaid account. Consumers can fund their Purewrist […]

    Wall of screens streaming videos

    The Biggest and Best Video Streaming Services That Accept Prepaid Cards (and those that don’t)

    2020 will be remembered as the year of video streaming. (Well that, plus pandemics, political tumult, and stock market frenzies). The last 14 months gave rise to no fewer than 4 new video streaming services. And the number of U.S. households subscribing to at least one video streaming service rocketed to 78%. For prepaid card users […]

    Mother and son looking at the Greenlight app

    Greenlight Launches Investment Platform–For Kids

    The new Greenlight Max platform introduces kids to investing their own money–with a good bit of parental control. Robinhood traders may have some new competition. Kids.  That’s thanks to the new Greenlight Max platform. Greenlight Max allows kids to pick mutual funds and stocks using their own money. But parents still have the final say. Greenlight […]

    EIP Card image

    Stimulus Payment Prepaid Cards–Who Gets Them and How They Work

    The second Covid stimulus checks are here, but they’re not always checks. Here’s the critical information on payments sent by prepaid cards. If you’re eligible for the second round of Coronavirus stimulus checks, you might have been one of the 8 million Americans whose check was actually a prepaid card. Although the IRS and Treasury Department issued […]

    Store Display of Many Reloadable Prepaid Cards

    Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2021

    Choosing the best prepaid debit card can be challenging. We’ll review the benefits and pitfalls to help you choose the best card. Prepaid debit cards have come a long way in the last several years. Once believed to be used only by those unable to get a checking account, prepaid cards have found their way […]