Netspend Double Your Payday Sweepstakes

    Prepaid Card Sweepstakes 2021

    If you’re a prepaid card user, you might have a chance to win a little extra cash in 2021. Here are some current prepaid card sweepstakes to check out. Netspend’s Double Your Payday Sweepstakes Netspend is offering its Double Your Payday Sweepstakes to its customers. To qualify, Netspend users need to load their card using […]

    Woman with a laptop and debit card

    Axos Bank Review–Top Online Bank with Free Checking and High-Yield Savings

    Among online banks, Axos Bank has been around the longest–more than 20 years. It offers consumers three checking account options, high-yield savings, and virtually no fees. So a typical banking customer can utilize the range of checking account services totally free while earning solid interest on savings. This article reviews the key components of Axos […]

    Man with mobile phone and bank debit card

    ONLINE BANKS: What Are They and Are They Right for You?

    If you opened a bank account within the last year, you might be among the growing number of Americans who did so in their pajamas. In fact, the number of U.S. consumers opening an online-only bank account tripled in 2020 compared to just a few years prior. (Technically, there is scant data on what online bank customers […]

    Purewrist contactless payment bracelets

    Purewrist Brings Low-Cost Payment Wearables to Prepaid

    Contactless payments have surged during the pandemic, and Purewrist looks to ride the wave with the first payment wearable for prepaid. Purewrist launched its contactless payment bracelet, Purewrist GO, at the end of 2020. It consists of a lightweight silicone band with an embedded chip attached to a prepaid account. Consumers can fund their Purewrist […]

    Wall of screens streaming videos

    The Biggest and Best Video Streaming Services That Accept Prepaid Cards (and those that don’t)

    2020 will be remembered as the year of video streaming. (Well that, plus pandemics, political tumult, and stock market frenzies). The last 14 months gave rise to no fewer than 4 new video streaming services. And the number of U.S. households subscribing to at least one video streaming service rocketed to 78%. For prepaid card users […]