Prepaid Debit Cards Show Continued Growth

    Prepaid debit cards grew at a faster rate in 2017 compared to slight growth in 2016, according to the Federal Reserve’s 2018 payments report released last week. Prepaid debit cards grew at a rate of three percent by total transaction value overall. Use of general purpose prepaid cards–those branded with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express networks–grew at a […]

    Walmart Display of Prepaid Cards

    Going to the Store for a Prepaid Card? It’s Not So Easy

    We hit the streets to find which stores sell prepaid debit cards and their price tag. Here’s what you’ll see on the shelves and why it might be better just to buy online. If you’re thinking about heading to the store to buy a prepaid card, you might want to think again. Despite the growing […]

    Dollars in a trash can

    Warning: You’re Paying Too Much for Your Prepaid Card

    If you’re like most people, you’re paying higher fees with your prepaid card than you have to. Here’s how to avoid some of the most common fees that prepaid card users pay. Our recent survey of prepaid card users suggested some good news and some bad news for prepaid card users. The good news is that people […]

    RushCard Holiday Giveaway

    RushCard Jump Starts the Season with a Holiday Giveaway

    image courtesy of   Who couldn’t use a bonus the holiday season? Well, if you use the , you might be in line for a holiday surprise. RushCard has launched its “Fall” Sweepstakes offering $250 prizes to 50 families during the holiday season and nine $1,000 grand prizes. It’s the kind of contest I […]

    Graph of features millennials deem important in prepaid cards

    Millennials and Prepaid Debit Cards: A Survey of Views, Selection, and Use in 2018

    In 2014, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia published a report that showed a high incidence of use of prepaid debit cards1 by millennials. And it revealed that many perceptions about prepaid cards just didn’t hold water, at least not among this age group. Prepaid cards have evolved over the years. New prepaid cards have […]