Stacks of Cash with "Tax Refund" label

    Best Prepaid Cards for Tax Refunds (2022)

    Direct deposit is the safest, fastest way to get your tax refund, and you can use your prepaid card. Here are 2021’s best tax refund cards. According to the IRS, direct deposit is the “fastest, safest way to receive your tax refund.”  The IRS reports that nearly 75% of taxpayers get a refund. And the […]

    5 Reasons to Use Prepaid Cards When Traveling

    There are all kinds of concerns when it comes to financing a vacation. We want to make sure we’ve saved enough money, budgeted, and stay safe while spending abroad. This is easier said than done for some people that struggle with money. And that’s where a prepaid debit card may be helpful. What are prepaid […]

    Car on blocks with stolen wheels

    My Prepaid Card was Lost or Stolen: Now What?

    If your prepaid debit card is lost or stolen, your money is protected. But only if you act quickly. Here are the steps you need to take. Losing your prepaid card is at best a pain in the . . . um, wallet. The good news is, if you act quickly, you won’t be on […]

    Prepaid Cards vs. Credit Cards

    Prepaid Debit Card vs. Credit Card – What’s the Better Choice?

    Wondering whether a prepaid debit card vs. credit card is best for you? We look at six factors to see how each stacks up. When it comes to swiping your card in the store, prepaid debit cards and credit cards look pretty similar. But there are some real differences – including how easy they are […]

    Tax Refund on Prepaid Card

    Pros and Cons of Getting Your Tax Refund on a Prepaid Card

    Getting your tax refund on a prepaid card is faster and more secure than getting a check in the mail. But is it the best option? Here are the pros and cons of using a prepaid card for your refund. If you’re one of the millions of Americans getting a tax refund this year, you […]

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