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    Best Prepaid Cards for Tax Refunds (2021)

    Direct deposit is the safest, fastest way to get your tax refund, and you can use your prepaid card. Here are 2021’s best tax refund cards. According to the IRS, direct deposit is the “fastest, safest way to receive your tax refund.”  The IRS reports that nearly 75% of taxpayers get a refund. And the […]

    Prepaid Debit Card Market Statistics

    Reloadable prepaid debit cards are the fastest growing noncash form of payment. Transactions in 2012 topped 9 billion, and the annual growth of general-purpose reloadable prepaid cards exceeded 33%. Below you’ll find data on this quickly evolving market. The data are divided into the following sections: Top 10 U.S. Prepaid Card Issuers Prepaid Card Market […]

    Chime Prepaid Review | A Free Bank Account Alternative

    Chime may ring a bell if you’ve been looking into different ways to receive, use and save your money. Chime is different from other prepaid options because it is specifically oriented toward helping members save money every month. Accounts have several built-in features that allow card users to effortlessly put away money. Can you really […]

    Rushcard Offering Up To $30 Bonus on Tax Refunds

    Update: This offer is no longer available, although Rushcard remains a popular option for tax refunds. The best prepaid card for tax refunds, however, is the . There’s no credit check, no activation fee, and no minimum balance. And they make it very easy to set up direct deposit of a tax refund. Rushcard is […]

    8 Visa Clear Prepaid Debit Cards

    The world of prepaid cards can be confusing. That’s particularly true with fees. How much you’ll pay each month depends not only the prepaid card you choose, but also on how you use the card. That’s why we built our prepaid card search tool. It’s also why the Visa Clear Prepaid Card Program is so important. […]