Prepaid Cards with Refer a Friend Bonus

    7 Prepaid Cards with Refer-a-Friend Programs

    Like your prepaid card? Let your friends know, and you might earn some cold, hard cash. Here are the prepaid cards with refer-a-friend programs that pay. If you’re happy with your prepaid card, letting others know might just pay. Prepaid cards with refer-a-friend programs provide cash bonuses when your friend or a family member signs […]

    Prepaid Card iPhone Apps

    The Best (and Worst) Prepaid Card iPhone Apps

    Prepaid reloadable debit cards have been slow to enter the smartphone app space. Many prepaid cards don’t even offer an app, and many that do have seen mixed reviews. It’s not uncommon for these apps to be buggy, in some cases simply failing to work. We gathered user reviews of the iPhone versions of prepaid […]

    Bankrate Releases Prepaid Card Study

    Bankrate just released a study comparing prepaid card fees. Bankrate surveyed a total of 31 prepaid cards for the study. Interestingly, they didn’t include some top cards, such as Kaiku. But first, here are the findings from the Bankrate study: Monthly Service Fees 26% of the cards have no monthly fee, up from 17% last […]

    5 Prepaid Debit Cards That Are Dead

    The prepaid debit card industry is a tough business. Over the years several major cards have gone bust. We’ll keep track of the dead cards here. 1. The Approved Card (Suze Orman): The personal finance guru received a lot of flak for endorsing The Approved Prepaid Card. Although the fees were far from outrageous, folks […]

    Credit Score gauge on laptop

    Credit Scores and Prepaid Cards–What You Need to Know

    Do prepaid debit cards help build your credit? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions here at PrepaidCards123. The answer is a resounding ‘no,’ which tends to raise a number of additional questions: Why don’t prepaid cards affect credit scores? How do you build credit if prepaid cards can’t help and you don’t want […]