Uber Visa Debit Card–An Account Just for Uber Drivers

The Uber Visa Debit Card isn’t quite prepaid and isn’t quite checking. But it has a lot of the benefits of both and is designed just for Uber drivers.

Uber Visa Debit At-a-Glance






Uber Driver Benefits



  • Instant transfer from your Uber earnings account
  • Free deposits at Walmart
  • Free ATM withdrawals


  • Cost of Checks

The Uber Visa Debit Card is a bank account designed just for Uber drivers. The account doesn’t look like a traditional checking account though.

Unlike a traditional checking account, the Uber Visa Debit Card account emphasizes debit card and app-driven features, not checks and brick and mortar bank locations. There are no overdraft fees. And those that have difficulty qualifying for a traditional checking account can still apply for the Uber Visa account.

Sounds a lot like a prepaid debit card–doesn’t it? That’s because it’s offered by GoBank–the issuer of the Green Dot prepaid card.

For Uber drivers, it offers some key benefits:

  • Uber drivers can transfer earnings from their Uber account to their GoBank Uber Visa account instantly and for free.
  • The Uber Visa account offers selected cash back rewards. With offers from retailers like Walmart, Jiffy Lube, and Advanced Auto Parts, the rewards are designed for drivers.
  • Free cash deposits at Walmart
  • Free ATM withdrawals at GoBank’s ATM network with over 42,000 locations
  • Checks available for $5.95 for a pack of 12