Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard®

Review of: Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard®
Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard®

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On March 11, 2010
Last modified:July 29, 2014


Reasonably low fees, online bill pay, direct deposit, and free ATMs

The Green Dot® PrePaid MasterCard® is one of the most popular prepaid credit cards, with over 10 million customers. The Green Dot does not require a credit check, charges no overdraft fees, and offers direct deposit at no charge. Perhaps its best feature is that it offers access to over 18,000 MoneyPass® ATMs.

Here’s a summary of the Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard® features:

  • $0 Activation Online - with no credit check
  • Access over 18,000 MoneyPass® ATMs
  • Get a $4.95 credit on your first MoneyPak cash load (see site for restrictions)
  • No Monthly fee for any month with at least 30 purchases
  • No Transaction fees on US purchases
  • No Overdraft fees
  • No Minimum balance required

The Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard® is a prepaid card available to those with bad credit or no credit at all. The amount of money available on the card is determined by what you deposit onto the card, which means you’ll never pay interest charges or be charged for overdrawing your account. Your past credit history does not come into play and will not keep you from being approved. As a debit MasterCard, the Green Dot card can be used anywhere that accepts debit MasterCard, which is just about everywhere.

How To Add Funds

You can have your paycheck or government benefits check directly deposited onto your Card and the service is free. You can deposit your whole payroll check or a portion of it. You can also load cash on your card using what’s called the MoneyPak, which is available at thousands of neighborhood stores nationwide. Finally, you can reload your Green Dot card directly from your bank, credit union, or other financial institution. Many banks offer the ability to transfer funds through a process known as ACH transfer. You can load your card with the click of a button. Green Dot does not charge for this service, although your financial institution may charge a fee.

Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard® Fees

There are fees you should know about before using the card. This card is a prepaid card which means there will not be any interest fees or late fees, but there are still fees associated with the card. The Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard® fees are some of the lowest available from any prepaid card:

Initial PurchaseVaries by retailer, up to $4.95 ($6.95 for the NASCAR® Prepaid MasterCard).
Monthly ChargeWaived in any monthly billing cycle when you load at least $1,000 to your Card or have 30 posted purchase transactions (excludes all ATM declined withdrawals, ATM balance inquiries, teller cash advances and online bill payments at

Otherwise, $5.95.
ATM Withdrawal & Teller Cash AdvanceFree at in-network ATMs

All other ATM withdrawals: $2.50

Teller cash advance: $2.50
ATM Balance Inquiry at Non-Network ATMs$0.50
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement$6.00
Reload at Retail LocationVaries by retailer, up to $4.95
Expedited Card Delivery$19.95
Second Card$4.95

Apply for the Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard®

Applying for the Green Dot is easy. When applying for a card you do have to provide your name, address, and social security number. Federal law requires this information to be verified.

  • WP Themes

    Good dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.


    I forgot to write down my account number. Please can you retrieve and send to my e-mail.


  • anna gibson

    this has helped me and my husband both but i need to know how to get all the payment transactions on the card so i can make a record of all the payments put on the card and taken off the card thank you very much for your help

  • vie

    Can paypal put money from my paypal acct on my green dot card?

    • Aaron

      Vie, I think you can. Paypal will try to sell you its debit card. But you can transfer money to a bank account, and all debit cards comes with a bank account number and routing number, which are used for direct deposit. I believe they can also be used for withdrawing money from PayPal.

  • Mary Britton

    Where are the participating ATM’s for withdrawal purposes?

  • merrion brooks

    need this card cancelled. NOW11111111

    • Aaron

      Merrion, to cancel the Green Dot card, you need to contact Green Dot.

  • Betty Finckbone

    Can I please be notified by e_mail when my refund is put on my card?

    • Michal

      You will need to contact Green Dot to get that information. There customer service number is 1-866-795-7597.

  • Narda

    I haven’t used my green dot card for years. Am I required to cancel it or does it just expire on its own? The reason I ask is because of the monthly fee of $5…am I still incurring fees for a green dot card that I no longer use? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Aaron

      Narda, that’s a great question. Here’s what I’ve found from the Green Dot cardholder agreement:

      “We will assess a Monthly Charge for the life of the card, including if there is no money on your Card. If you have no money on your Card or a balance less than the amount of the Monthly Charge, your Card balance will be taken negative when we assess the Monthly Charge. As a courtesy, we will not charge your Card more than an amount equal to two Monthly
      Charges if you have no money on your Card. While you have a negative balance on your Card, your Card is still open and available for use after you reload it.”

      Keep in mind that Green Dot can change this agreement at any time.

  • merrion maxwell

    I am trying to get my green dot account balance.Trying to pay a cellphone bill due today with my card. The bill is for $50.00. I had a little over $200.00 on my card. Please help. Thank you!

    • Aaron

      Merrion, you can get your balance online. If you don’t know your login information, just call Green Dot and they will provide your balance to you.