Prepaid Debit Card Limits Explained

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Prepaid Debit Card Limits

Like checking account debit cards, prepaid debit cards have limits. ATM withdrawal limits and daily spending limits, for example. Here are the key limits, how they affect you, and how 5 of the top prepaid cards measure up. While fees are often the focus when choosing a prepaid card (and they should be), you should […]

Pros and Cons of Getting Your Tax Refund on a Prepaid Card

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Tax Refund on Prepaid Card

Getting your tax refund on a prepaid card is faster and more secure than getting a check in the mail. But is it the best option? Here are the pros and cons of using a prepaid card for your refund. If you’re one of the millions of Americans getting a tax refund this year, you […]

Best Rewards Prepaid Cards

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Rewards Prepaid Cards

If you’re considering a prepaid card, you might be able to get a little extra benefit from your card by looking at rewards prepaid cards. A number of prepaid cards have started offering rewards programs like cash back, shopping discounts, and other bonuses for using the card. We’ve picked best rewards prepaid cards available. Over […]

How to Load a Prepaid Card With a Check

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Upload Check To Prepaid Card

Loading a prepaid card with a check can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are all the ways to load that check to your card–including 3 ways that don’t cost a thing. We all like to get paid, but when you’re handed a check you need a way to actually spend your […]