Kroger Launches Its Own Pay App with Added In-Store Rewards :

Customer with Kroger Pay app
Image courtesy of Kroger Co.

If you’re a weekly Kroger shopper, you might make room for one more app on that crowded smartphone.

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Cincinnati-based grocery giant The Kroger Co. has launched a proprietary mobile-payments service, Kroger Pay, and an accompanying Kroger Rewards debit card. Kroger Pay, available for iOS and Android mobile devices, is a quick-response code-based mobile-payment service, which also includes digital coupons and personalized offers.

Kroger Pay, like some other retailer-backed mobile-payments services, is deeply integrated with a loyalty program. In Kroger’s case, the loyalty program also is tied to a new debit card, dubbed “Rewards.” Consumers accrue loyalty points when using Kroger Pay and can receive additional points when the payment method is the Rewards debit card or a payment network-branded prepaid card that also carries a Kroger store brand.

Unlike general-purpose payment apps, like Google Pay or Apple Pay, Kroger Pay uses a scanned QR-code (as shown above) rather than contactless payments. Maybe not ideal, but it replaces the barcode scan for the Kroger loyalty rewards card, which is linked in the app.

For prepaid card users, there’s an added benefit. Kroger Pay supports other prepaid card brands in addition to its own Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Visa® Card.

If customers choose to use Kroger Pay, they’ll receive additional Kroger fuel rewards and discounts on Kroger store brands, in addition to the rewards offered by their payment cards and loyalty program.

Author: Mike Clark
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