The Best (and Worst) Prepaid Card Apps for Android :

Recently, we wrote about the best prepaid card apps for the iPhone. Still, more devices in the U.S. are running on the Android platform. So what about prepaid card apps for Android?

We’ve gathered user reviews of the Android apps for some of the most popular prepaid cards that offer an Android app. While many, like their iPhone counterparts, suffer from some poor reviews due to buggy releases, prepaid card apps for Android fared better overall than apps on the iPhone platform. Of the six prepaid card apps reviewed, the prepaid card with the lowest rated Android app, READYdebit, still scored 3.6 out of 5 stars. In contrast. the lowest rated iPhone prepaid card app, Navy Federal, scored a paltry 1.8 stars.

Here’s the list from best to worst along with some highlights of the app’s features:

RushCard Android App

Overall User Rating: 4.4 (based on 6,532 reviews)

RushCard App ScreenRushcard App Screenshot

RushCard’s app rises to the top on both the Android and IOS platforms. Its Android app has an average rating of 4.4 stars (4.8 on IOS). But for Android, it has some competition sharing the top spot in a three-way tie with Mango and Brinks. Here are what some of the users are saying about Rushcard’s app:

Heathermarie McLean(5 stars): “I love it. Don’t know what I would do without it”

Brenda Stansbury(5 stars): “The best app everrr! Love that i can take care of business right on my mobile!”

Vee Jones(4 stars): “Very good. Keeps me posted on all my activity such as balance,deposit and spending.”

But even the top rated apps are apparently not without bugs.

Rolanda Parker(1 star): “Can’t log in Had my account unlocked twice and still can’t use it. I have to call everytime to check my account balance.”

Key Features of the App

  • Check your balance
  • View your transaction and transfer history
  • Send money to anyone else with a RushCard
  • Transfer money between your own personal cards
  • Search for transfer contacts from your phone’s contact list


Mango Money

Overall User Rating: 4.4 (based on 210 reviews)

Mango Money ScreenshotMango Money Screenshot

Mango’s app, Mango Money, also receives high praise from users. It shares the top spot for Android apps with favorable comments for both features and design. Here’s what users are saying:

Tamara Swann(5 stars): “Love this app/card Been using Mango on and off since ’11. Never had any issues with them. Love mango!”

Maile N (5 stars): “Great app. I can check my balance anytime, anywhere.”

Jessie Lee (5 stars): “Finally! I love Mango and I’m so happy they finally have an app for Android. The app works well, much easier to navigate than the mobile website. The home screen is clear and I like that it shows the recent charges. Easy to use. I have a GS3 and it works like a charm. Awesome!”

Like RushCard’s app, Mango Money receives some poor reviews when a user runs into bugs. In Mango’s case, some users had some problems loading the app after installation.

Elizabeth Weber (1 stars): “This app will not open on my Samsung Galaxy II phone!!! I’m able to install the app, but when I try to go into it, my screen turns black and nothing happens. I emailed customer service and got no response. Very frustrating!!!”

Key Features of the App

  • Mobile check loads
  • Mobile transfers
  • Get transaction history/detail
  • Transaction alerts
  • Multiple reload options
  • Virtual MasterCard for safe online shopping
  • Check balances

Get more details on the Mango Prepaid MasterCard


Brink’s Money App

Overall User Rating:4.4 (based on 208 reviews)

Brinks AppBrinks App

The Brink’s Money Prepaid MasterCard is one of our top ranked prepaid cards in the features and limits categories. It’s mobile app for Android fares equally well, sharing the top spot with RushCard and Mango. Here’s a sample of some user love:

Ezekiel Morton(5 stars): “Brinks Awesomeness All Around !”

Devin nov28 (5 stars): “Nice App Wonderful app and company.”

Dara Powell (4 stars): “Easy and convenient Love it awesome”

It seems that none of the prepaid card apps can get around the loading bugs for some users though.

Sea Shell (1 star): “Wont load! Wont load at all, keeps saying Oops! Something went wrong please try restart app and try again.”

Key Features of the App

  • Check transaction history and balance
  • Send money to friends and family
  • Move money to and from your savings account
  • Find reload locations
Brink's Prepaid Mastercard®


Netspend Visa Prepaid Card

Overall User Rating: 4.2 (based on 6,717 reviews)

Netspend App ScreenshotNetspend App Screenshot

The Netspend prepaid card is one of the most widely-used prepaid cards, boasting seven million card holders. Like the Brink’s card, it’s also receives high grades at PrepaidCards123 for its features and limits. Since the Brink’s card is also managed by Netspend, it’s app scores comparably to the Brink’s app with 4.2 stars overall. Although users generally post good ratings, comments regularly note additional features that they would like to see.

phatboii lolife (5 stars): “Perrrrrrrfffeeeccctttt not 1problem”

Heather Sample (5 stars): “Never had any problems with this app, always works when I need it. Not alot of features, mostly just to check your balance and transactions, but it’s good for me.”

Chareese Ennis (4 stars): “Basic but works I have had the card and app 6 months now and haven’t had one problem. Would be nice if the app had more options like the website. Will give 5 stars when that happens. Basic app but always works. Samsung Galaxy Note 2”

Maria Campos (4 stars): “Great app Would be better if we could do mobile deposits w checks. Other than that great app.”

Log in bugs, anyone?

Kellie Davidson (1 star): “Bad Everytime I try to log in it tells me my account is locked. We discovered it was the app”

Key Features of the App

  • Check your account balance
  • View transactions
  • Send money to friends and family
  • Transfer money to and from your savings account
  • Find fee-free reload locations
Netspend® Visa® Prepaid Card


CARD.Com Mobile

Overall User Rating: 4.1 (based on 1019 reviews) App is the prepaid card that is probably best known for its nearly infinite number of card images to choose from–from Elvis Presley to Shrek. It also has some nice features, like the ability to waive the monthly fee when you use direct deposit. It’s Android app garners some strong user reviews and a good overall rating, although it’s also not without some bugs.

Gene Smith (5 stars): “Keeps me organized, informed, and gives me place of mind.”

Nora Guadalajara (5 stars): “great service i love this! i want a betty boop card!!!”

Josh Flowers (5 stars): “Great functions, looks great too Nice to get balance & transaction info with simple swipe of my thumb (forgot my password anyways) and my financial info finally feels zen with my Yoga card design showing!”

On the negative side–

George Finnan (1 star): “Incorrect login This app worked fine for me for a few months and now it tells me incorrect login info and even when I try to check my balance by calling the number on the back it wouldnt let me do that either. This is getting me very angry as I can’t check how much money I have.”

Key Features of the App

  • Check your balance
  • Get your recent transaction history
  • Deposit checks within the app
  • Find nearby ATMs
  • Find reloading locations
  • Get instructions for direct deposit or transfers from a bank account or a virtual wallet such as Paypal™ or Google Wallet Visa® Prepaid Card


Green Dot App

Overall User Rating: 3.9 (based on 6,248 reviews)

Green Dot App

Green Dot App
Although Green Dot’s iPhone app is roundly criticized (2.1 stars), it’s Android app does considerably better, with more than half of users giving it a 5 star rating. Still, some missing features and bugs keep it just below a 4 star rating overall. Here’s what users are saying:

delia webb (5 stars): “Great!!!!! It’s fantastic, I love not having to go to my browser to get there. Its great on my LG G3. Best phone best app for your convenience. A+++++”

Joshua Smith (5 stars): “Perfect for me This app is very convenient. I haven’t had any issues with the transaction history, it actually updates very promptly. Great way to keep track of your funds on the go.”

Sherilyn Alvarez (3 stars): “It’s ok… Using the app is very easy. What I don’t like is that these locations that says no withdrawal fees ATMs aren’t accurate. Been to those places and had to pay withdrawing fees. The company shouldn’t make us pay to reload our cards, we pay our monthly fee anyways. I keep reloading and spent so much money! Just saying…”

Alex Lee (1 star): “Downloaded this onto my phone Galaxy note 2 and my Galaxy tab 4. It crashes immediately when you open it, you can never get in to it. I have to use green dot mobile in a browser.”

Green Dot Prepaid Visa®


READYdebit App

Overall User Rating: 3.6 (based on 194 reviews)

READYdebit App1

READYdebit App

While READYdebit’s Android app is not without its fans, it trails behind the other five in our survey. From the comments, it appears that users are reasonably satisfied with the features and functions of the app, but problems with activation codes drag down its overall score.

Tim myerstd285 (5 stars): “Ready debit app works great No complaints is as stated in title.”

Robin cooper (5 stars): “☆☆☆☆ I love this mobile app”

Angel Jones (1 star): “App doesn’t work anymore I’ve used this app in the past and luved it now I can’t even gt it to send me the activation code I would like to use again n give better rating please fix”

A Google User (1 star): “Activation code……… I have been trying to get my activation code and haven’t received it yet.. I only give this app a one star because I have no clue what this app can do when I can’t even get passed the activation code…”

Key Features of the App

  • Check your balance
  • Pay your bills through your phone
  • See your recent account transactions
Author: Mike Clark
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