Univision Prepaid Mastercard Review

The Univision Mastercard offers a Spanish language web portal and customer support to appeal to those less comfortable with English. But card users will pay for the convenience with its higher monthly fee.

Univision Mastercard At-a-Glance






Card Limits



  • Spanish language support
  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • Many cash load options


  • Higher monthly fee
  • No mobile app

Univision Mastercard Overview

The Univision Prepaid Mastercard distinguishes itself among prepaid cards by seeking to appeal to the Spanish speaking community. Besides its association with the top Spanish language network, the Univision Mastercard touts that its portal, customer service, product information and even text alerts are all in Spanish, with an option for English.

No doubt that’s a benefit for non-English speakers or those less comfortable with English as a second language.

The monthly fee is on the high side for prepaid cards. At $9.95 a month and no way to qualify for a lower monthly fee like or the Walmart MoneyCard® Visa®, the Univision card is well above the $5 average monthly fee for prepaid cards.

The Univision card offers one money-saving benefit–a free ATM network. Univision uses Allpoint, the most extensive ATM network. It also charges lower than average costs for out-of-network ATM withdrawals.

There are a couple of notable features. The Univision card offers a $10 bonus for setting up direct deposit. It also more cash load options than most cards. But it lacks a mobile app, something that’s become common among most other prepaid cards.

Univision’s Key Features

The Univision Mastercard offers standard features like direct deposit and text alerts. It also provides:

Spanish Language Customer Support: Univision comes with free 24/7 customer support with Spanish as the primary language. It also offers Spanish text alerts and web portal.

Free ATM Network: Univision offers free ATM transactions at all Allpoint ATMs. The Allpoint network is over 55,000 locations strong, including places like CVS, Walgreens, and Target.

Transfers between Univision Cards: You can send or receive money to or from any other Univision card at no charge.

Card Limits

Univision’s card balance limit is $9,000. That’s middle of the pack among prepaid cards. The daily ATM withdrawal limit is also standard at $500.

The other limits are a little lower than most other cards. Univision caps daily spending at $3,000. Cash loads are limited to $950, less than half the average.


Univision comes with a relatively high monthly price tag of $9.95.

Despite the higher monthly fee, there are few other charges to use the card. Transactions, customer service, and card-to-card transfers are all free.

ATM transactions are free if using an Allpoint ATM. Even out-of-network ATM withdrawals cost less than most other cards. They’re $1.95 plus any surcharge from the ATM owner. You can find Allpoint ATM locations here.

Adding Money to the Univision Card

There are several ways to add money to the Univision Mastercard.

Direct Deposit: You can set up direct deposit for paychecks or many government benefits checks without a fee.

Mobile Check Deposit: Although there’s no mobile app to deposit checks to the card, the Ingo Money app lets you deposit checks to many prepaid cards. Ingo Money offers a free option that takes 8-10 days for the money to be available. There’s a fee of 2% to 5% of the check’s value, depending on the type of check, for same-day availability.

Online Bank Transfer: If you have a bank account, you can transfer funds to the Univision card online. Like most prepaid cards, this option is free.

Cash Reloads: Univision has more cash load options than most cards. It accepts cash loads from MoneyGram, Vanilla Reload, Reloadit, Walmart Rapid Reload, Western Union, and Green Dot Reload @ the Register. The card doesn’t charge a fee to load cash, but the services will. The cost ranges from $3.74 to $4.95 per cash load.

Where to Buy the Univision Card

You can purchase the Univision card in several retail stores like Family Dollar and Speedway. Retail locations will charge a purchase fee though. Getting the card online is free.


The Univision card has a relatively high monthly fee. It charges for little else though. And free ATM withdrawals may offset some of those higher costs if you still tend to use cash. The features are relatively basic, and the card lacks some common features, like a mobile app. But it does offer Spanish language customer support, making it more accessible for those that may not be as comfortable with English.

Best For: Spanish speakers; those that make frequent ATM withdrawals.

Not So Good For: Those comfortable with English; those looking for a cheaper monthly fee.